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OPTINET - The Iso Leso Optics Direct Submission Portal

Iso Leso is proud to launch OPTINET, the new medical aid direct submission claims portal that save you time and money as it is a free service and allows your practice to validate and access claims information more efficiently. it offers a multitude of services including benefit checks, claim submissions, statement download and claim status verification. It is solely for the submission of Iso Leso capitated contracts including Discovery Keycare, Fedhealth Blue Door, Bankmed Basic and does not cater to Medshield medical aid claims. For Medshield you will have to contact the call centre to verify benefits.

The portal system will be operational from the 3rd of July 2018. To access and register on the portal you need to log in to www.isoleso.co.za and follow the step by step process. Attached are your username and password that is unique to your practice and needs to be used when accessing the OPTINET site.

For more information and enquiries send an email to info@isoleso.co.za.